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The beautiful 16-hectare wetland and bird sanctuary of Intaka Island is within easy reach of the Matrix via the picturesque pathway that lines the Grand Canal.


Intaka, which means bird in Xhosa, is a unique example of nature conservation and property development co-existing in harmony and for mutual benefit. Over and above its environmental importance, Intaka Island offers Century Citizens a place of solace in which to relax, get in touch with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


There are 213 species of indigenous plants to be found on Intaka Island, many of them members of the sand plain fynbos group, of which 24 are on the Red Data list, meaning they are rare and threatened with extinction. In fact, Intaka Island is one of the few places in Cape Town where one can still find this type of fynbos.


Intaka Island supports some 120 species of regular and annually occurring birds. Among the main factors enabling this relatively small area to host such a rich variety of birdlife are its seven different primary habitats, which include both wetland and dry land habitats.


A number of birds make use of the man-made heronries on Intaka Island for breeding and roosting. These heronries have been recognized internationally for both their simple construction and success at attracting birds.