Find The Perfect Bandwidth


They used to call it ‘surfing the internet’. Which kind of made sense when your connectivity came in waves of mind-numbing ADSL contention. But the fibre-optic fired bandwidth you’ll enjoy at the Matrix does not come in waves, but in a constant tidal surge of irresistible instantness. Instantaneity? Nowness?


Forget those quaint little loading bars you used to get, waiting for websites to open or YouTube to play. Dive into the download ocean of the future and stream the latest series directly to your Apple TV. Or your laptop. Or your beautiful big new phablet. Viva world-class WiFi viva!


And thanks to Century City Connect’s open access network, you won’t be locked into a single service provider, but can choose exactly how much cyber-bang you want for your buck from 15 top national ISPs. Viva freedom of choice viva!